Rugby - ProFit Mouth Guards for Rugby


ProFit mouthguards are the ultimate in fit and comfort

ProFit has been providing quality mouthguards since it was first established in 1998. The clinic provides for all your mouthguard needs. Our custom laminated mouthguards are made to fit the teeth and gums closely and therefore offer greater comfort and protection than pre-fabricated mouthguards. They not only help minimise dental injury but can also reduce the severity of concussion whilst playing contact sports.

Using only high quality materials, the latest technology and clinical techniques ensures that your new mouthguard will be made without compromise. ProFit Mouthguards reduce the risk of concussion, protect against tooth loss and fractures, protect supporting tissue, reduce soft tissue bruising, help you play with confidence, protect costly orthodontic work, makes it easier to talk and breathe and you can choose from an amazing colour range.



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