Boxing - ProFit Mouth Guards Questions


Custom Laminated v’s Boil and Bite?

Boil and Bite mouthguards are inefficient, hard to hold in place and can interfere with proper breathing and the ability to talk on the field.

ProFit Custom Laminated mouthguards rectify all these problems because they are custom made to fit each individual person. An impression is taken for every mouthguard made to ensure an accurate fit for added protection.

What is Custom Laminated?

Laminating offers advantages over single sheet mouthguards being that they can be controlled thicknesses giving support in areas more at need and less bulky elsewhere also allowing with the second layer (laminate) to include a name and phone number in the mouthguard to reduce the chance of loss.

First aid tips

If a tooth is accidentally damaged from impact it is wise to leave the mouthguard in position and attend a dentist immediately.

If a tooth is dislodged it should be rinsed in milk and placed back into the socket or kept moist and wrapped in plastic. Seek dental care immediately.